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    The NEW eMOKE

Imagine waking up one morning and you have nothing to do. You get in your car cruise down to the beach, go for a swim, catch a wave and enjoy the natural beauty that the world has given you. You feel hungry, so you go and grab a bite at your favorite café, enjoy a coffee – read the paper and relax in the sun. On the way home you stop by your favorite market or store and pick up some fresh produce for dinner and you couldn’t be more relaxed. The whole time you have been soaking up a little sun and enjoying a natural breeze. You get home and feel good about yourself – but you are unsure why it is.
And then you remember and smile to yourself – it’s all because of your Moke – your eMoke. You had a great morning and you left a minimal carbon footprint – almost none at all.

The new eMoke – all the style, fun and relaxation of the Classic Moke but 100% environmentally clean and friendly.

At Moke international we like the term RV – but we like to think it means two things – yes of course it is a recreational vehicle – but we think it deserves the relaxation vehicle title as well. Because when you think about it – recreation and relaxation are what life is all about.

The new eMoke will be the first recreational relaxation vehicle to be completely electric. It will have a top speed of 60Kmph (relax man) and a range of 120km. It charges overnight and lets you cruise in RV style! It’s even got a stereo – but because the eMoke is so quite we have left out the volume button. (Just kidding) … No seriously the engine is quiet!

So there you have it – the new eMoke. No fuel, no cost, no carbon footprint and no worries.

Coming to a relaxing recreational space near you soon..


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