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   The Hisotry of MOKE

& Bang ~ MOKE is born! 

Thanks to the cool design from Sir Alec Issigonis who is famously known for the his invention: The Mini.

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MOKE get’s made!

Initially planned as a military vehicle, (light and compact, especially with the windscreen down) the MOKE was packed in crates to be dropped from the sky with a parachute!

Original prototypes were built with two engines and transmissions, power at each end! But then the war ended….(shew!)


MOKE is sold to the public : : to the top : :

Hope you like the colour Spruce Green, as it’s the only colour available!

Depending on which dealership you bought MOKE from you either received a Austin Moke or a Morris Moke. Got £ 405 spare?


First MOKE produced in Sydney, Australia


Called the BMC Mini MOKE.

With a few tweaks plus a few alterations the MOKE fast became successful as a "cult” recreation vehicle.

Theres a name change : : to the top : :

BMC MOKE – drop the ‘mini’ as not so ‘mini’ after it gets a serious engine and body overhaul

MOKE in a song

But after a few live sessions, the words MOKE was turned to smoke and it was not by the water, but on the water…

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MOKE Utility launched!!

Guess the Tradies needed to start having fun too!

Welcome MOKE Californian.

The name "Californian" and the 1275 cc motor were resurrected in 1977 for Australian market MOKES with denim seat covers, more comfortable seats (which concealed the same basic frame within), spoked wheels and complex tubular bumpers known as 'roo bars'.

MOKE Makeover

New hood with zipper side screens, larger fuel tank, reel seat belts, larger front grill badge and the new ‘MOKE’ logo on mud flaps!  Looking fab.

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MOKE Moves

from Sydney to Portugal  (guess we got to share the fun!)

MOKE has a Mini revamp  


Seriously, the revamp saw the MOKE using more standard Mini parts!

MOKE offers options : : to the top : :

Bull-bars, minilite wheels, metallic paint
and tinted windows

MOKE is stopped in production  


Opps, did someone read the order wrong? Massive over production happened, and nothing much after that… until now!

MOKE starts again...

Chery Motors/Sicar Engineering start re-engineering the Moke

MOKE is BACK! : : to the top : :

in the year of 2013 - the much loved Moke will return!

Thanks to the brilliant idea of one Sir Alec Issigonis, designer of the famous Mini, he gave us the MOKE! Quite possible the most enjoyable little car ever to be driven!

Join the rest of the MOKE lovers and owners from around the world and get the thrill behind the wheel! MOKE – Start having fun!      : : to the top : :

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